Text Box:  Chapter # 0972                                                                                               AUGUST 2009
Stone Celts H.O.G.Text Box: Frieze Harley Davidson 
(618) 622-0045

1560 N. Green Mount Rd
O’Fallon IL 62269

Harley Davidson, Inc.
Stone Celts HOG
Text Box: 2009 OFFICERS

Director			Roger Snyder		(618) 233-3443	
Asst. Director		Marty Eckhard		(618) 452-0398
Treasurer		Vic Rose		(618) 539-3690
Secretary		Tina Sambo 		(618) 355-9101
Head Road Captain	Robyn Rakers		(618) 224-9659
Asst Head Road Captain	Kenny Rakers		(618) 224-9659
Road Captains	
Dennis Stanczyk	(618) 257-2125	     Ken Shock	(618) 277-7590
Cheri Riebeling	(618) 281-7446	     Don Vogel	(618) 476-9206
Butch Riebeling	(618) 281-7446	     Rich Hurst	(618) 234-5965
Don Seifried	(618) 830-8683	     Rick Hayden	(618) 691-8824
Safety Officer		Bill Simpson		(618) 257-9588
Activities Officer		Lonnie Adkisson		(618) 398-4188
			John Sambo		(618) 355-9101
Photographers		Joe Davis		(618) 632-7252
			Ken Shock		(618) 277-7590
Editor			Charlie Hopkins		(618) 622-1852
Historian		Vic  Rose		(618) 539-3690
Membership		Diana Griffith		(618) 877-0065
Webmaster		John Bechtoldt		(618) 624-6227
Asst. Webmaster		David Bentley		(618) 622-9126
Ladies of Harley		Tina Sambo		(618) 355-9101

National H.O.G.		Milwaukee, WI		1-800-CLUBHOG

Adjusting to Change


This is one of those months when it seems I can write on the subject of my choice.  It’s the latter part of summer and then fall, one of my favorite times to ride, will officially be here in about a month.  And from everybody I talk to, it’s been a busy summer at that.  With the kind of weather we’ve been having all summer, it looks like we may have a ton of riding days still left this year.  Now that’s a good thing, especially if you are caught up in accumulating all those valuable Riders Challenge points!


Years ago my brother told me life is nothing more than a series of adjustments and if you can make the adjustments, life can be a lot easier.  Like most of you, I have made some of the adjustments, fought some others and conformed to most.


By now most of you are wondering just where the heck is your Director going with all this adjustment stuff, huh?  Well, stick around and I'll try to pull it all together.


Last month marked my second anniversary as Director of the best H.O.G. chapter in the Metro area and still it’s a

privilege to be at the helm!  Now, this has been and continues to be a big adjustment for me.  I’ve been president of a CMA chapter and Safety and Education officer of St. Clair County ABATE, but these two offices together don’t even come close to the honor and workload of being the Director of our H.O.G. chapter!  Just as I've had to make some adjustments in my position in the last couple of years, so have most of your other officers and I have to give them all “two thumbs up” for

being flexible as we continue to grow!


If you're new to the chapter (again, WELCOME!!) or perhaps you just haven’t noticed, your chapter has undergone



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