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              December 2006



Wednesday, 20 Dec 06


I.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Director, Vic Rose. 

II.    Pledge of allegiance was recited.

III.   Officer roll call completed. 

IV.   New Member Intro-none; guests welcomed.

V.    Motion made to accept last month’s minutes (not read). 

VI. Treasurer’s Report update provided by Vic Rose.


1.  Chapter will donate $100 to Belleville Police officer Sgt Brough FUND to help him and his family during this difficult time and a stocking is available at the entrance/exit doorways if you’d like to donate further. 

2.  Chapter will donate $100 to Gene Peters (Belleville Dealership mechanic and friend) and his family during his difficult health struggles (dialysis 3 times per week).  Stocking is also available if you’d like to help the Peters family during this holiday season. 

3.  Chapter Fundraiser for 2007 will be the same as last year, tickets for 2 aboard the Hogs on the High Seas Cruise November 4-11 2007. 500 tickets will be available for $10/ticket or 3 tickets/$25 at the January meeting.

4.  DECEMBER DINNER RIDE:  Cancelled due to holiday schedule. 


                     None due to short meeting and Christmas Party immediately following today’s meeting.

       IX.   NEW BUSINESS:

1.  Next HOG Chapter Meeting will be 17 Jan, 7:30 p.m., Elk’s Lodge, Fairview Heights, IL

2.  Next Officer’s Meeting:  9 Jan, 7 p.m.  Place:  TBD. (see next officer’s meeting note below).

3.  Upcoming 2007 POLAR BEAR RIDE:  1 Jan 07 – meet at Belleville Dealership 11:00 a.m.; destination will be determined prior to departure.

4.  Vic Rose, Director, thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication and support during his tenure as Chapter Director for 2006. 

5.  Jenny provided updates on the New Dealership (construction, building, etc.). 

6.  Jenny presented a $500 check to the Elk’s Crippled Children’s Foundation.  Mr. Smiley Cyber received the check on behalf of the Elk’s Club and the Elk’s Crippled Children’s Foundation.  Jenny thanked Smiley for his continued and dedicated service to the Belleville HOG Chapter.

7.  Jenny provided the following direction/guidance/goals for the Chapter in 2007:

        * The dealership and Chapter Officers will strive hard to bring more of the decision-making back to the Chapter members.

        * The Activities Officers/leadership needs volunteers for all of the upcoming events.  You are encouraged to help out and enjoy in the fun of each and every event.  With a little help from all – the events will be MORE SUCCESSFUL!

        * Be sure “you” become a part of the renaming of our Chapter!  The membership’s involvement is welcomed and encouraged!  The Chapter will undergo a name change soon due to relocation to O’Fallon.  Become a part of this new dealership by sending your Chapter name suggestion to Jenny no later than the March Meeting.  There will be PRIZES for the WINNER!!!!!!!!!!  Jenny will determine soon what the specific prize(s) will be.  STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        * The Director position is OPEN at this time.  If a Director is not named soon, tentatively Jenny, Vic & Steve will cover the responsibilities of Director for a few months until a new Director is named. 

        * A big thanks to Dave & Tina for all their efforts and hard work to make this year’s Christmas Party enjoyable for all.

        * Annual Chapter Christmas Holiday Dinner will now begin.

NOTE:  Next Officer’s Meeting rescheduled from 9 Jan to 11 Jan, 7 pm at Casa Azteca Restaurant, O’Fallon, IL.


Meeting adjourned at 7:26 p.m.                                                                            

 Respectively submitted by: 

Janie Layson, Secretary