Text Box:  Chapter # 0972                                                                              December 2008
Stone Celts H.O.G.Text Box: Frieze Harley Davidson 
Harley Davidson, Inc.
      Stone Celts HOG	
1560 N. Green Mount Rd.
O’Fallon IL 62269
Text Box: 2009 OFFICERS
Director		              Roger Snyder   	              618-233-3443
Asst. Director		Marty Eckhard	              618-452-0398
Treasurer		Vic Rose		618-539-3690
Secretary		Tina Sambo 		618-355-9101
Head Road Captain	Butch Riebeling		618-281-7446
Asst. Head Road Captain   Robyn Rakers		618-224-9659
Road Captains 	
Dennis Stanczyk 	257-2125       Ken Shock 277-7590 
Cheri Riebeling 281-7446         Rich Hurst 234-5965
Don Vogel 476-9206	        Kenny Rakers 224-9659
Safety Officer		Bill Simpson		 618-257-9588
Activities Officer	              Lonnie Adkisson	               618-398-4188
			John Sambo		 618-355-9101
Photographers		Joe Davis	               618-632-7252
			Ken Shock		 618-277-7590
Editor			Charlie “Hoppy” Hopkins	 618-622-1852
Historian		Vic  Rose		 618-539-3690
Membership		Diana Griffith		 618-877-0065
Webmaster		John Bechtoldt		 618-624-6227
Dealership		O’Fallon		618-622-0045
	National HOG 		1-800-CLUB-HOG


                 Wow!  Where did 2008 go to?  Mom has always said as we get older the time seems to by faster and she's right again.

             But, I for one, thought 2008 was a good year in the motorcycle world, especially in the Stone Celts H.O.G. chapter!  Our chapter grew and we did more rides and events than ever before and ended it all with our 1st Annual Rider's Challenge Christmas party.  Everyone I have spoken to who attended agreed it was a big success!  Special thanks to the Rider's Challenge committee, headed up by Dave Winkel, for "pulling it off"!  Well done guys!

             Again this year we have tried to fill the event\ride calendar with a variety of things to keep you actively involved and riding.  The new Rider's Challenge book will be out soon and you'll want to be sure to get yours.  We have left a lot of the familiar things in it and also have added several new things.  If you are interested in being on the RC committee, just see any officer.

             This past year also lent to several new people volunteering at various events and my hat is off to them and everyone else who volunteered to help make 2008 a success! We couldn't have done it without you!  We'll be needing you again this year too.

             We have a few new faces in officer positions and I look forward to working with the entire 2009 staff.  As a Director, when you surround yourself with capable officers in all positions, it all seems to run a heck of a lot smoother.  I again want to say thanks to Linda Jacob and Luke Dustin for doing super jobs.  In 2009, Hoppy Hopkins will be the newsletter editor, Bill Simpson will be assisting to get him started and Joe Davis will be the Photographer, with Ken Shock assisting him   Also this year, Buck Bentley will be assisting John Bechtoldt with the web page.

So again I will challenge you to be a big part in your chapter and make 2009 an even more successful year than 2008!