Text Box:  Chapter # 0972                                                                              July 2006
Belleville Illinois H.O.G.Text Box: Frieze Harley Davidson 
Harley Davidson, Inc.

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Text Box: 2005 OFFICERS
Director			Vic Rose		618-539-3690
Asst. Director		Chris Layson		618-420-1576 
Treasurer		Glenn Jacob		618-443-4860
Secretary		Janie Layson		618-420-8574
Road Captain		Bruce Brunkow		618-588-4918
Asst Road Captains 	Dennis Stanczyk		618-257-2125
Tim Smith  826-2936   Linda Jacob  443-4860  Rich Hurst 234-5965
		Butch & Cheri Riebeling  281-7446       
Safety Officer		Bryan Doyle		618-632-3693
Activities 		Jack Gelbaugh		618-632-5851
			Carl Horn 		314-440-0325 
Asst Activities/Merchandise
Dave Weber & Tina Sandridge			618-343-0103
Photographer		Luke Dustin		
Editor			Linda Jacob		618-443-4860
Historian		Vic Rose		618-539-3690
Membership		Marty Eckhard		618-931-6728
Webmaster		John Bechtoldt		618-624-6227
Dealerships		Belleville		618-277-8864
			O’Fallon		618-622-0045
	National HOG 		1-800-CLUB-HOG

From the Director

Greetings to everyone, welcome to our new members and thanks to everyone that attended the June meeting.

             As I mentioned in the last chapter meeting be careful going through towns because some local police are really cracking down on excessive noise especially loud motorcycle pipes.  Some towns even want to confiscate your motorcycle if they consider your pipes are too loud so ease up on the throttle a bit.

             On Saturday, July 22nd I wasn’t able to attend the dinner ride but was able to attend the bowling benefit for our member Jon Calabra who had a stroke a couple of months ago.  I visited with Jon for a while at the benefit and he is doing much better and is on the mend.  He is back at home and has physical therapy 3 times a week.  He indicated to me that he plans on attending a chapter meeting in the near future.  At the last chapter meeting the membership approved to donate $100.00 to Jon to help pay medical expenses.  We all wish Jon a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him at a chapter meeting in the near future.

             As everyone knows the chapter picnic was cancelled due to storm damage at the Horse Shoe Lake Park.  At the next officers meeting we’ll decide when and where we’ll have the picnic so stay tuned.

             Last month I stated I’d tell you about the trip to Billings, MT for the National HOG Rally so look for the article in this newsletter.  Stay cool and ride safe.