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Text Box: 2007 OFFICERS
Director			Roger Snyder		618-233-3443	
Asst. Director		Rich Rettle		618-887-4823
Treasurer		Vic Rose		618-539-3690
Secretary		Mary Kay Moser		618-632-0805
Road Captain		Linda Jacob		618-443-4860
Asst Road Captains 	
Dennis Stanczyk	257-2125                             Ken Shock 277-7590
Tim Smith  826-2936   			 Rich Hurst 234-5965
		Butch & Cheri Riebeling  281-7446       
Safety Officer		Bill Simpson		 618-257-9588
Activities Officer	              Lonnie Adkisson	               618-398-4188
Photographers		Luke Dustin	               618-622-3536
			Michael Cross		 618-394-1884
Editor			Linda Jacob		 618-443-4860
Historian		Vic Rose		 618-539-3690
Membership		Marty Eckhard		 618-452-0398
Webmaster		John Bechtoldt		 618-624-6227
Dealership		O’Fallon		618-622-0045
	National HOG 		1-800-CLUB-HOG

Roll on, Stone Celts, Roll on

Not to take any of the thunder away from anybody else’s report this month, just let me be the first to thank our “crew” for the fantastic job they did working the mini Rolling Thunder ride!  It is so good to know you have such competent people you can always count on to get the job done.  To those of you who escorted the wall from the rest stop to the cemetery, to those of you who took pictures, to the dealership for providing the start point along with fresh coffee and donuts, to the Head Road Captain and assistant Road Captains leading the way (behind the O’Fallon police) to the “wall”, a big THANK YOU to you all!  We saw over 140 bikes safely arrive at the closing ceremonies with flashers flashing, flags waving and the mighty HD V-Twins rumbling!  We were hoping for at least 50 bikes and we nearly had three times that amount!   I know from the report that I got from Etta, the folks at Lakeview Memorial Gardens were totally blown away by our awesome participation.   Thanks again to everyone who served on the Harley’s Heroes committee and/or worked and helped at the dealership.  And to all of you who helped get the word out to make this event a huge success, thanks! I am truly proud of all of you! 

Roll on, Stone Celts, Roll on!

                 We had another great turn-out for the October supper ride to the Trenton House with the same amount of people as last month, 20.   These rides really are a great time to fellowship with your fellow HOG members, both old and new.   Sandy and I wish we could’ve been there because we like the Trenton House, but unfortunately we had another commitment.  It also sounds like we had a good New Members orientation.   Again, thanks team for all you do!

                 As I mentioned last month, it’s time to take officer nominations for 2008.  Here you have the opportunity to be part of the decision making team responsible for making Stone Celts function as a strong and fun HOG chapter.  Maybe some of you have been past officers and would like to try it again or maybe some of you just feel like you could be a good officer.  Well, here’s your chance.  The good part is it’s all done as team working together, so you are not out there on your own.    Give it some thought and feel free to contact any of the current officers with any questions you may have.

Still it’s good to be back, riding and having fun!

Roger Snyder