Text Box:  Chapter # 0972                                                                              October 2008
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Text Box: 2008 OFFICERS
Director		              Roger Snyder   	              618-233-3443
Asst. Director		Lonnie Adkisson	              618-398-4188
Treasurer		Vic Rose		618-539-3690
Secretary		Tina Sambo 		618-355-9101
Head Road Captain	Butch Riebeling		618-281-7446
Road Captains 	
Dennis Stanczyk 	257-2125                            Ken Shock 277-7590
Cheri Riebeling 281-7446       	               Rich Hurst 234-5965
Don Vogel 476-9206	Robyn & Kenny Rakers 	224-9659
Safety Officer		Bill Simpson		 618-257-9588
Activities Officer	              Lonnie Adkisson	               618-398-4188
			John Sambo		 618-355-9101
Photographers		Luke Dustin	               618-622-3536
			Ken Shock		 618-277-7590
Editor			Linda Jacob		 618-920-3189
Historian		Vic  Rose		 618-539-3690
Membership		Marty Eckhard		 618-452-0398
Webmaster		John Bechtoldt		 618-624-6227
Dealership		O’Fallon		618-622-0045
	National HOG 		1-800-CLUB-HOG

Fall – The Season


Next to Spring riding, Fall is my favorite time of the year.  You get to see almost everything you've seen all summer while riding the ride but in its new colors – almost like an entirely new ride.  I know some of you would love to travel back to spots you saw this ride season just to see what they look like now – certain most parts of the "Northern Territory" excluded!


That's not to say there aren't some good ride days left this year.  Some riders are seasonal while others are year round.  This year your HOG chapter officers tried to fill up almost every weekend of each month with some type of activity and we will be doing the same for next year, as we ran out of weekends with stuff still to do (that's a good thing!.)  Thanks to those who submitted rides\activities you'd like to see on next year's Events calendar.  We still have a busy couple of months coming up with the Chapter Hayride on November 1st and the Chapter Christmas Party on December 12th, neither of which you'll want to miss.  This will be our first hayride in a couple of years and the planned Rider's Challenge sponsored Christmas party will be like none in the past years.


Speaking of the Rider's Challenge, they are looking for committee members for the 2nd Annual Rider's Challenge.  Please contact any officer if you are interesting in being part of this fun group.


I am still planning on being ready for the Polar Bear Ride on January 1.  My knee continues to heal as the surgeon hoped it would.  Therapy now allows me to put 50% of my weight on my leg and I am starting to use crutches.


See all y'all (that's southern plural for y'all!) soon and remember to invite someone to our meetings, it’s your chapter!  Looking forward to seeing you all there!