Text Box:  Chapter # 0972                                                                              September 2007
Stone Celts H.O.G.Text Box: Frieze Harley Davidson 
Harley Davidson, Inc.

      Stone Celts HOG	

1560 N. Green Mount Rd.
O’Fallon IL 62269
Text Box: 2007 OFFICERS
Director			Roger Snyder		618-233-3443	
Asst. Director		Rich Rettle		618-887-4823
Treasurer		Vic Rose		618-539-3690
Secretary		Mary Kay Moser		618-632-0805
Road Captain		Linda Jacob		618-443-4860
Asst Road Captains 	
Dennis Stanczyk	257-2125                             Ken Shock 277-7590
Tim Smith  826-2936   			 Rich Hurst 234-5965
		Butch & Cheri Riebeling  281-7446       
Safety Officer		Bill Simpson		 618-257-9588
Activities Officer	              Lonnie Adkisson	               618-398-4188
Photographers		Luke Dustin	               618-622-3536
			Michael Cross		 618-394-1884
Editor			Linda Jacob		 618-443-4860
Historian		Vic Rose		 618-539-3690
Membership		Marty Eckhard		 618-452-0398
Webmaster		John Bechtoldt		 618-624-6227
Dealership		O’Fallon		618-622-0045
	National HOG 		1-800-CLUB-HOG

So Far, So Good

Month two and I’m still standing, not a bad start!  And speaking of two’s, then deuces really are wild – so far I’ve attended 2 officer’s meetings, 2 chapter meetings, 2 benefit rides, 2 fantastic dinner rides (13 members in August and 20 in September – WooHoo!),  two dealership events, 2 Harley’s Heroes planning events and 1 -  2008 Illinois State HOG Rally coordination meeting!  Needless to say, it’s been a busy couple of months.  But it’s supposed to be that way in an active chapter.  A big special thanks to everybody who has worked so hard and diligently to make all the chapter events successful!


Even though it’ll soon be October, the Harley’s Heroes committee is busy contacting various organizations to get their participation to make this special event a big success.   Harley’s Heroes will be at the dealership on October 13th and 14th.   The culmination will be on Sunday, October 14th with the police escorted “Rolling Thunder” ride from the dealership to Lakeview Memorial Gardens to participate in the closing ceremonies of the Traveling Wall.  This is an open event, so if you know anybody who rides, invite them to join us.  Bike staging begins at 11:00 AM with kickstands up at 1:15 PM.  Oh yeah, if you’d like to help out for even just an hour or two, let me know – we can always use your help.  Here’s an early “hat’s off” to those already working the event!


In my article last month I made mention that I was by  no means a miracle maker, and not to expect a lot of changes right from the get-go.  I also mentioned that changes, especially good changes, take a little time to formulate, but are usually worth the wait.  I noted earlier that in August we had 13 members on the dinner ride and 20 of us for the September ride.  The August ride was the last one from the old dealership and the September ride was the inaugural ride from the new dealership.   As the 20 of us got together, inside the dealership with other customers watching us, we voted on a couple of places to ride to.  We chose the 17th Street B-B-Q at the Shooting Complex in Sparta.  Head Road Captain Linda Jacob did a fantastic job getting us there, even if did have to stop in Marissa and let a certain Webmaster get gas!  We had a total of 14 bikes, including three lady riders and Glen with his sidecar.  And from the looks on the people’s faces at the Complex when we arrived, we must’ve looked pretty impressive pulling in as a group!


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