Green Mount Rode H.O.G.® Riders Challenge (GMRRC)

Riders Challenge

The Riders Challenge is to encourage members of the Green Mount Road H.O.G.® Chapter to get out and ride their bikes, attend Chapter meetings, Chapter events, dealer events and be involved in our great Chapter. To make new friends, see new places and explore our great state of Illinois and our great country. We hope the challenge creates new bonds and memories that will stay with the riders forever. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the Riders Challenge Committee.

2023 GMRRC Committee

Committee Chairman: Steve Walker
Deputy Committee Chairman: Sarah Cobb
Committee Secretary: Ron & Christy Burrus
Committee Treasurer: Ron Burrus
Committee Publisher: Matt Prescott
Committee Members:
Annette Buecker Rob Buecker Jordon Cobb
Joe Ernst Connie Fair Carolyn Fleming
Don Fleming Dan Halterman Brandy Kaminsky
Eric Molos Don Petrillo Theresa Petrillo
Bob Plant Brian Robbins Renee Robbins
Jackie Walker

Officer Advisors

Director: Steve Walker
Assistant Director: Carol Kueker

Our Chapter Liaison

Between the Chapter and Dealership: Steve Madura
Between H.O.G.® and the Chapter/Dealership: Paul Blotzke